Landscape 2014-

While those responsible for widening roads go about their business, I often wonder if they are aware of the ever-changing landscape of accidental public art they create in the process? Like Christo and Jeanne- Claude, the road builders wrap the landscape and allow us to see it in a new way. By enclosing and wrapping the landforms, they have written large the narratives of ownership, containment and control. The drapery both reveals and conceals the complexity of what lies beneath.

The process of road construction strikes me as a kind of reverse archaeology, where instead of being peeled away, layers of information are progressively built up. The drapery in the photographs lends the images some of the gravitas of still life and figure painting, whilst at the same time subverting this by virtue of the dirty subject matter. The curtain-like folds add a sense of theatricality, and the anticipation of being in a place where something is about to happen. I have always been interested in the banal and the sublime, and the places in which they meet.

In the same way a traditional landscape photographer might create an image, the world I saw is made in black, white and grey, and divided according to the rule of thirds. These road works are monumental achievements of engineering. To me they are also a fascinating conversation about the many fraught relationships we have with the landscape. An oversized flag claims the ground. Sandbags keep the set in place.