Early Work 1989-1991

These works date from the years shortly after first graduating from art school. Just a few images each from a number of different series are represented here. The images are from sequential narratives of up to 80 images each, shot on black and white film, using available light.  Each image was printed as an 8x10 inch black and white photograph, and then hand-coloured with dyes, paints and other media. The hand-colored works were then re-photographed and selected images printed as RA4 colour prints, often at a significantly increased scale. 

As well as colour photographs, the images were also used in performance in the form of a projected slide show with spoken narrative and live musical accompaniment. The performances, which were somewhat like short films, were designed to be funny as well as thought provoking, and dealt with issues such as gender and the politics of representation. As much as anything else, they were also photographs about photographs.

The performances took place at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Australian and Regions Artist Exchange (ARX) in Perth, and at artist cabarets and independent galleries in Newcastle, NSW.