Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Here you will find a record of some of the work I have undertaken over the last twenty years and more. It is not an entire record, but rather some of the highlights and key points of my practice.
I have included some text with each body of work; some written by myself at the time of making, and some written by others at the time of exhibiting, and these dates and authors are attributed. Any other text has been added specifically for this website.

I will add more old and new work to the site from time to time, so do return.
I hope you enjoy visiting, and would welcome any feedback you may care to give via the contact link on the main menu.


Cath Barcan is an Australian artist who grew up in Newcastle, NSW. She has exhibited widely in Australia as an artist for more than twenty years. Her practice is largely based in photography, with an interest in objects and installation. Her work is concerned with notions of the sublime and the banal, and the places where they cross over.

A graduate of the University of Newcastle and the University of Tasmania she also holds a MVA from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. She has taught photography at TAFE NSW, the University of Newcastle, The University of Tasmania and The University of Sydney, as well as conducting numerous community and gallery-based workshops. She is currently based in the Blue Mountains, and is the Head Teacher of Fine Arts at Nepean Arts and Design Centre, TAFE NSW- Western Sydney Institute.

Curriculum Vitae

Download a curriculum vitae for Cath Barcan here